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Looking for a Princess party entertainer in Melbourne? Looking for a Princess party character

& performer in Melbourne to absolutely thrill your kids? Here she is!!!


Pink Princess Bella

















Gold Princess Bella

Princess Bella

is Melbourne's favourite Princess!!!

Suits Party Themes: Fairytale party, Angelina Ballerina party, Snow White party, Cinderella party, Sleeping Beauty party, Beauty & the Beast / Princess Belle party, Barbie party, Dancing party theme.

"Crooooaaaakkk!!!! Oh, do excuse me!!"

None is as delicate or beautiful as Princess Bella... except for the birthday girl, of course.

As in every fairytale though there is a problem. She has forgotten to use her manners when speaking to a witch and now she's had a spell cast on her that keeps turning her into a horrible toad!!!!

She'll need the birthday Princess and all the other Maidens & Knights in shining armour to help her break it........ by dancing!!!! To avoid turning into a toad every night she must dance with another true princess just one more time, and hopefully the princess is your birthday girl.

Based on a simple dance class for young children, Princess Bella will guide everyone through her dancing fairytale adventure to be ready for Prince Charming at day's end. A true fairytale adventure, Cinderella never had this much fun!!!


The party includes:

  • A one hour fully interactive show put together entirely by qualified teachers (longer if requested);
  • The character "Princess Bella" in full princess costume with crown, diamond ring and ball gown (as above);
  • A birthday present for the birthday Princess;
  • Two original interactive songs that the children can sing and dance along with (the performer brings her own stereo);
  • A short dance class;
  • 1 game;
  • Scripted interactive fairytale story-telling throughout;
  • 1 colouring sheet for each child (the performer will provide crayons);
  • 1 lollypop for each child;
  • Princess Face Painting Cheek Art for each child;
  • Appropriate Age - Girls 3 - 8 y.o. and boys 3 - 6 y.o.




What others have recently said about Princess Bella:

"I found Princess Bella very prompt and professional. The kids really enjoyed her and the face painting was a real hit. A very talented performer."

Vanessa Winrow, Patterson Lakes, Victoria. Girl's 4th Birthday

"... how impressed and appreciative we were of her talents. So engaging, animated and focussed was she, we were as captivated by her story-telling abilities ... All our little princesses were delighted to be attentive for the duration." Tess Kerekes, Ferny Creek, Victoria. Girl's 6th Birthday Party.

"... thank you for such a wonderful Princess Bella. All the kids loved it ... I thought Bella was absolutely fantastic and many parents asked me for info about your company." Felicity Allen, Heidelberg, Victoria. Girl's 5th Birthday Party.

"... We were all very impressed with her performance and my daughter is still talking about Princess Bella."

Clancy Inglis, Grovedale, Victoria. Girl's 5th Birthday Party.


"All the kids- including 5 boys, had a wonderful time, and she really engaged them in all activities during her time at the party... thank you very much, and a big thank you to Princess Bella- who was fantastic..." Rose Armstrong, Kew, Victoria. Girl's 5th Birthday Party.

"... she was absolutely amazing! Her English proper accent was great and including the dancing had the kids enthralled and the face painting and drawing was great as well...Kathy Pollard, Mordialloc, Victoria. Girl's 5th Birthday Party.


"Your support and involvement for the event was very much appreciated ... hank you for your support and the time given to make RSPCA All Creatures Open Day 2007 such a success.”  Brooke Disney, Events & Communications Manager, RSPCA Victoria

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Payment & Cancellation Fees

• a. A $100 non-refundable administration fee will be charged at the time of booking to your credit card.
• b. The remainder of the payment is required on the day of the performance as a cash payment to the performer. Tony Bones Entertainment apologises but we do not accept cheques or credit cards from private party clients.
• c. Performers are unable to negotiate lowering a price. Any issues with price should be directed to Tony on 1300 308 311 before a performer leaves an event.
• d. Cancellation Fees - Once a client has "booked in" a time for a party, that time is set aside for your party exclusively, meaning that Tony Bones Entertainment will turn away other work wanting the same date and time. We also complete a significant amount of administrative work immediately after a booking is taken. For this reason clients do need to be aware that the $100 administration fee taken at the time of booking is non-refundable if the party is cancelled at any time after it is booked in with Tony Bones Entertainment. Furthermore, if the booking is cancelled within 7 days of the event, the cancellation fee rises to the total amount quoted for the booking. A party is only deemed to be booked in when Tony Bones Entertainment staff have spoken to the client and officially "booked in" the performance, or when the client has specifically asked TBE to "book in" the party via email.